chess activities

I learned the moves of chess at the age of eight, and raised my rating every year until giving up the serious game at the age of eighteen. Another eighteen years later I returned to it and have since continued an active player. I hold the ECF (English Chess Federation) title of County Master. In 2002-3 and 2007-8 I was North Essex Challenger, in 2010 highest placed Somerset player in the East Somerset Congress and in 2011 shared first prize in the Major section of that congress. In 2017 I won (once jointly) the Major sections of two Bristol Congresses. In 2018 I won a prize at the Wiltshire Open Congress.

At correspondence chess, I have entered three tournaments each of three stages: the Open Championship of the British Federation for Correspondence Chess, the Bernard Partridge Memorial Tournament (an international - North Sea - “stars barred” event) and a thematic tournament organized by the ICCF (International Correspondence Chess Federation). In each of these I have reached the final. My current rating is approaching 2300.

activities other than playing

Available as a Coach.

    Minutes Secretary to the ECF (1995-97, 2002, 2010 (part)).

    Secretary (1996-2000), Publications Officer (1994-2000), Publicity Officer (2001-3, 2006-8) and Editor (1998-9, 2008-12) for the BFCC (British Federation for Correspondence Chess).

    Captain (1999-2004, 2008-11) of Colchester “A” team, which plays in the North Essex League.

    I have published a series of nine Chess Studies articles in the BFCC Information Circular. I have also published elsewhere on chess (see my publications list).