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The Edinburgh Handedness Inventory: Some bibliometry

A major revision of the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory 1.0
 - December 2010, 71k

Laterality, the journal: Some bibliometry 
- August 2008, 188k

Ear advantage, hand preference and telephone usage: Away with structural models 2.0
  - October 2005, major expansion and revision February 2007, 54k


I may revise these from time to time as indicated.


My most-cited title of all (Cortex, 1986) :

Factor analysis of the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory.  (88 kb).

More of my titles : 

Handedness inventories: Edinburgh vs Annett (Neuropsychology, 1991)
Dichotic lateral asymmetry: the effects of grammatical structure and telephone usage. (Neuropsychologia, 1982) (155 kb)
Differences in academic performance at school depending on handedness: Matter for neuropathology? (Journal of Genetic Psychology, 1987 )

The analysis of ecological attitudes in town and country (Journal of Environmental Management, 1990, with Rosaleen McCrorie)