impact of my research

My Google Scholar User Profile shows more than three hundred citations, an h-index of nine and an i10 index of nine. The time-line of citations shows an increasing trend. About two-thirds of them concern neurocognition.

My ResearchGate score is higher than that of three-quarters of members. Only one of my h-core articles was collaborative (and that with just one other author), so the hl correction for multiple authorship favours me greatly (8.1). Also, my peer-reviewed work was all published in a period of eleven years 1981 - 1991, so my influence has been unusually long-lasting. My g-index is 18.

Dissemination through the media 

The broadcast media have not disregarded my work, and have had me on programmes personally as well: BBC2, LBC, Q102 (Dublin region) and Radio Sheffield.  But it is from  the press that I have received more attention, including articles in Psychology Today and Times Supplements (THES & TES). 

My opinions on ongoing developments in laterality research have been quoted on the Internet widely, including the BBC site and the BPS site, as well as in newspapers.