list of publications

Sole author unless stated otherwise (when, first author always). Though I continue to work on books, work that once I would have submitted to peer-review I have for some time published on this web site (see Downloads) or Researchgate or Besides my primary neurocognitive focus I have a good few secondary learned interests.

(1) Neurocognition - refereed titles (23 in 11 journals)


A) Information science

Cortex 25, 523-528, 1989. A journal bibliography of behavioural dichotic laterality of normals for natural speech. 
International Journal of Clinical Neuropsychology 9, 192, 1987. The first wave of interest in laterality.
International Journal of Clinical Neuropsychology 10, 49-50, 1988. Bibliographic analysis of monaural ear differences: A wave past its crest. 
Social and Behavioral Sciences Documents 18, 1988. A journal bibliography of selected topics within handedness research. 

B)  Methodological

Cortex 22, 325-326, 1986. Factor analysis of the Edinburgh Handedness Inventory. 
Cortex 22, 319-324, 1986. A group test of auditory lateral advantage. 
International Journal of Clinical Neuropsychology 11, 192-193, 1989. The Annett handedness questionnaire: Factor analysis and relation to telephone ear
Neuropsychology 5, 43-48, 1991. Handedness inventories: Edinburgh vs Annett.
Perceptual and Motor Skills 66, 499-502, 1988. The need to supplement clinical with experimental-normal studies of hemispheric asymmetry. 
Perceptual and Motor Skills 59, 895-898, 1984. Superiority of the left cerebral hemisphere for word recognition with nonverbal central fixation.

C) Review/theoretical

Cognitive Systems 1, 187-205, 1986. Advantage for speech from the right side of the sensory field: Two facts and an interpretation.  
Psychological Reports 63, 208-210, 1988. The cerebral hemispheres as a mapping system. 
Psychology 25, 42-43, 1988. The cerebral hemispheres as a whole rather than as parts. 
Social and Behavioral Sciences Documents 17, 43-44, 1987. MS #2819. Over-creative neurologizing: the case of "functional decussation". 

D) Research reports - handedness

Journal of Genetic Psychology 148, 469-478, 1987. Handedness and academic performance at school: Matter for neuropathology? 
Psychology 24, 62-65, 1987. Handedness and preferred ear for telephoning.

E)  Research reports - ear advantage

Cortex: A Journal Devoted to the Study of the Nervous System and Behavior 17, 465-470, 1981. Immediate free recall of monaurally presented word lists. 
Neuropsychologia 20, 457-464, 1982. Dichotic lateral asymmetry: The effects of grammatical structure and telephone usage.
Perceptual and Motor Skills 65, 97-98, 1987. Stimulus-independence of dichotic testing for perceptual asymmetry: sentences versus unrelated words.
Psychological Reports 64, 785-786, 1989. Findings with the group technique for demonstrating right-sided advantage for speech. 
Psychology 22, 47-70, 1985. Memory for unilateral speech. 

F) Non-laterality

Acta Psychologica 75, 279-292, 1990. A response-type reaction time effect found in the Saul Sternberg high-speed memory scanning paradigm. With Colin Cooper & Jackie Hunter. 
Neuropsychology 4, 43-48, 1990. Implications for normals of reports on the "mere exposure" effect in amnesics. 

(2) Other refereed publications (14 in 9 journals)


A) Environmental Psychology

Current Psychology 6, 148-154, 1987. Repeated exposure and the attractiveness of synthetic speech: An inverted-U relationship.
Journal of Environmental Management 21, 63-67, 1985. How familiarity of a landscape affects appreciation of it. 
Journal of Environmental Management 24, 359-363, 1987. Metapsychology of the environment. 
Journal of Environmental Management 31, 157-162, 1990. The analysis of ecological attitudes in town and country. With Rosaleen McCrorie. 
Landscape Research 14 (1) 2, 1989. Strong evidence for the reliability of an exposure/overexposure function with landscapes.
Social and Behavioral Sciences Documents 16, 52, 1986. MS #2740. Repeated exposure to computer graphics images: The disappearance of a relationship. 
Social and Behavioral Sciences Documents 17, 18, 1987. MS #2799. Experimental confirmation of an overexposure effect: Stimulus dependence of experimental exposure effects. 

B) Memory

Perceptual and Motor Skills 60, 994, 1985. Alphabetical name-order and memory for sentences.
Perceptual and Motor Skills 62, 351-354, 1986. Negative effects of recency even following first recall after filled delay. 
Perceptual and Motor Skills 62, 461-462, 1986. A written response bias in the discrimination of recency.

C) Individual Differences

International Journal of Group Tensions 20, 227-232, 1990. One consequence of segregated education in a divided community. With Penny J Orr. 
Personality and Individual Differences 6, 399-400, 1985. Conceptual systems of Open University students. 
Studies in Education 6, 25-31, 1988. Knowledge and religious identity in Northern Ireland. 

D) Philosophical

The Psychological Record 38, 393-398, 1988. A survey of psychologists' meta-psychological presuppositions. 

(3) Books and book-length courses

Which hand, Which ear? Left-handedness and ear advantages. 2012 Kindle Direct Publishing £2.30.
Social Psychology (Advanced). 2008 BSY Group. (Internet).
Social Psychology (Further). 2005 BSY Group. (Internet).
Social Psychology (Introduction). 2002 BSY Group. (Internet).
Key Articles in Psychology. 1997 First and Best in Education.
Psychology: The Study of Mind. 1996 First and Best in Education.
Environment and Mental Health. 1994 John Wiley.
Psychology on the Couch: The Discipline Observed. 1988 Harvester. 

(4) Other publications of an academic nature

In John P Wroughton (Ed) Bath in the Age of Reform. 1972, Bath: Morgan Press. Pp 32-46. The New Poor Law in Bath. 
British Psychological Society Psychobiology Section Newsletter 18, 1993. Review of Irving Gottesman Schizophrenia Genesis (1991).
European Society for the Study of Cognitive Systems (ESSCS) Newsletter 2, 7-11, 1985. The inimical null hypothesis.
ESSCS Newsletter 4, 4-9, 1986. Aspects of metapsychology. 
ESSCS Newsletter 7, 13, 1991. Review of Paul Kline Psychology Exposed (1988).
ESSCS Newsletter 9, 14-17, 1994. Review of Robert Efron The Decline and Fall of Hemispheric Specialization (1990).
ESSCS 19th Annual Workshop, 16, 2002. (Abstract) Reflections prompted by reading Dean K Simonton The Origins of Genius (1999).
Health and Psychosocial Instruments (database of tests) 1991: two tests.
International Journal of Psychophysiology 2 (3), 223, 1984. Right-sided advantage for speech - two generalisations and an interpretation. (conference paper abstract). 
Irish Journal of Psychology 6, 182-183,1984. In search of hemispheric asymmetry. (D Phil thesis abstract). 
Irish Psychologist: one letter and one conference abstract.
Open University Working Papers, 1979. Classifying the educational aims of correspondence tutors in the Open University.
The Psychologist: letters and conference abstracts - the latter mostly retrievable from the online "Web of Knowledge".

(5) Other publications

British Postal Chess Federation Information Circular (quarterly, subsequently British Federation for Correspondence Chess Information Circular).  Between Aug, 1995 and Feb, 1999 appeared a series of 9 articles: The nature and origin of chess, The chess phenomenon in the Soviet Union, Chess - An international language, Can competition in chess go too far?, Chess and mental health, Chess and life, The age-leveller, The gender bias of chess, "Further reading".
Chess Monthly 57 (5), 41, 1992. Giving up chess. 
Chessex 1(8), 12, 1997. Calling left-handed chess players.
Contemporary Review 260, 195-196, 1992. A guest of Northern Ireland.
In Pedro F Hegoburu (Ed) ICCF Gold: 50th Jubilee Celebration (1951-2001) International Correspondence Chess Federation. Entry for England (pp 104-106); with Alan J C Rawlings. Reprinted (with minor differences) in British Federation for Correspondence Chess Information Circular (2003) Feb/May, 34-35.
Mature Times 21 May 2005. (Internet-published :- see Campaigns - Council Tax) Council Tax Benefit: not for the self-employed.
Suffolk Unitarian #393 (Feb 2010) , pp. 7 - 8. Response on Global Warming 
The Good Book Guide. Regular book reviews 2000-2005.
The Left-Hander 11, 1992. The left-handedness of life. 
The Unitarian #1602, 93, 2000. Colchester Unitarian Fellowhip.
Letters in Belfast Telegraph, Chess Monthly, Colchester Evening Gazette, Coleraine Chronicle, New Social Democrat, PC Plus, Suffolk Unitarian, The Author, The Independent